The Proof is in the Photo

The following is a Guest Blog (testimonial) to East Way Photography, written by Diana Marie Russo, Miss Finger Lakes 2018. We thank Miss Russo for her comments and friendship.

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diana graduated Cum Laude from St. John Fisher College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication. As Diana developed her professional career, she was also an Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In addition to raising funds and awareness, she advocated in front of Congress to seek their support on both causes. Additionally, Diana was crowned the 2014 National American Miss New York Teen and Miss Finger Lakes 2018, a local preliminary to the Miss America Pageant. As Miss Finger Lakes, Diana was a top ten finalist at Miss New York.]

Outdoor Romance_076

I have worked with many (self-proclaimed) photographers. But none of them compare to George Parulski. If you are wondering why, then you should probably swipe left because your photographer isn’t taking a good photo.

Do ‘likes’ on social media determine what makes a good photo? According to influencers, the answer might be yes. However, a good photo requires more than a ring light, a cute outfit, or a photographer with a digital camera.

I struggled to find the words to convince you that not all photographers are good at what they do. As much as I want to compare pictures to the outstanding photos George produces, I will spare the other photographers. Instead, I asked a handful of New York photographers what they think makes a good photo. The majority said that a good photo evokes emotion or captures a memory that shares a story. If that’s true, aren’t we all photographers?
After working with George, I realized that it takes a tremendous amount of experience, desire for knowledge, kindness, and hunger for success to earn the sacred title of photographer.

So how do you know if your $4,000 photoshoot was worth it? If you zoom in on a photo and it is blurry, kiss your sought-after photographer goodbye. Don’t be surprised when you realize that your photographer drained your wallet for terrible photos that only look decent from afar. The detail in a picture turns into a mess of mixed colors on a painter’s palate. Brown eyes become a dark hole, the lack of detail on an engagement ring hinders its ability to sparkle, people become circles and squares and light bulbs look like orbs.

Good photos require an eye for detail, and an artist with talent that is out of this world. A photographer must know that a good image is made before and after their pointer finger clicks the button on the costly camera. The detail in every photo is pure, undisturbed, and authentic. Brown eyes could be examined by an ophthalmologist, the detail on an engagement ring would make a family proud of their heirloom, human characteristics are visible and light glistens through each bulb’s thin glass casing.

So, what makes a good photo? George Parulski makes a good photo. George’s work truly leaves me speechless and it is not surprising that he is sought after worldwide. If you won’t take my word for it, see for yourself because the proof is in the photo.